(KAHS) Karnali Academy of Health Sciences

Jumla, Nepal

OT Services


OT services (major, intermediate, minor and Day-care OT services) are provided by the department of General Surgery under Gastrointestinal surgery, Open Urology, Pediatric surgery and Laparoscopy Surgery. Major Operations are performed in ten sessions in major OT and 4 sessions per week in day care OT.

OT and minor procedure Services: Departments of Eye and ENT routinely perform various minor procedures along with major surgeries. Some of them being SICS + PIOL, ECCE +IOL, Phacoemulsification, Cataract surgery, DCR, Penetrating Keratoplasty, Amniotic Membrane transplantation, Orbitomy, eyelid reconstruction, contracted socket, enucleation, evisceration, Contact Lens application, YAG laser, Oculoplasties, Chalazion and stye removal etc under Ophthalmology surgeries whereas syringing, cautery for epistaxis, foreign body removal from ENT, tissue and structures repair, tonsillectomy, FESS, myringotomy and myringoplasty, etc. under ENT Department. Electroconvulsion Therapy (ECT) is routinely performed by the Psychiatry department.